About Us

Phuschia is a New York based studio specializes in cards and stationery designs. We are passionate about our designs and emphasize the use of materials with the highest qualities. Inspirations for our products come from the beauty that surrounds us in nature and objects of our daily lives. Our dedicated designers with keen senses of modern design concepts and use unique visual stimulating, tactile elements to create elegant as well as useful products. Our collection of blank cards, correspondent cards, gift wraps, gift bags and other stationerys are perfect for everyday use or for any special occasion. The use of superior quality paper and materials attests to our determined efforts to produce that are optimal for our customers. Let us provide you with the canvas to liberate your creativity and help express your inner thoughts. Phuschia quickly become an indispensible personal accessory that are not mere paper, but examples of your refined tastes in stationerys and products and will be treasured by all the lucky recipients if you are willing to share.